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Doc spills beans on Orang Asli hospital

Posted by mayashanti5282046 于 二月 17, 2010


Yip Ai Tsin | Feb 12, 10 10:38am

A doctor from the Orang Asli Affairs Department (JHEOA) Hospital, Gombak has made startling claims of rampant malpractice, misappropriation of resources and other wrongdoings by its staff.

NONEDr KP Selvaa Vathany (left), who has been attached to the hospital since March last year, made the claims today in order to pressure the authorities into conducting a proper investigation.

“The hospital has deviated from its original objective, which is to provide healthcare provisions and medical services to the Orang Asli people,” she said, during the press conference at the Bar Council headquarters, yesterday.

She was accompanied by former Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasan and Bar Council’s Orang Asli Affairs Committee head Augustine Anthony.

Citing an example, Selvaa Vathany said the hospital’s essential supplies scheme has been abused and the goods are not reaching the target group.

NONE”For instance, a tin of infant milk is divided into six small packets with 15 to 20 packets distributed to a village of between 250 to 500 people.

“It is disheartening to see mothers clamouring for milk powder,” she said.

Salvaa Vathany also alleged that JHEOA Hospital’s funds for ‘food baskets’ to curb malnourishment among Orang Asli children had been misappropriated.

Complaints unheeded

She notes that the programme was in view that Orang Asli children were 15 times more likely to die from malnourishment compared to other children.

“Essentials given out are limited to one to two bottles of cooking oil, six to eight tins of canned food, two packets of 400gram Milo, 15 to 20 small packets of milk powder, 10 to 20 diapers, two bottles of detergent and 10 to 20 pairs of slippers, per visit.

“These are distributed at random and stored in a black bin bag. If the villagers are lucky, distribution could be as frequent as once in every two to three months,” she said.

She jahai orang asli 220807 housessaid hospital administrators incapable of following Health Ministry protocols and standards were made hospital administrators and were from the Rural and Regional Development Ministry without medical training.

Selvaa Vathany alleged that complaints have been made to the Prime Minister’s Department, Rural and Regional Development Ministry, Health Ministry, chief secretary, Public Service Department and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to no avail.

However, a team sent investigate the allegations comprised of the Rural and Regional Development Ministry, who tried to cover up the matter.

“They questioned the complaint and remarks made by the Orang Asli in an unprofessional manner. The complainants were also intimidated and threatened.

“Despite all efforts taken, investigations are delayed and medical staffs are persecuted severely and threatened for trying to do so,” she said.



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