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The Mysterious Shelve of Bakun Documentaries: Is There A Ghost in RTM?

Posted by mayashanti5282046 于 五月 1, 2010

Chou Z Lam

Lots of RTM’s veteran journalist, editors, producers,cameramen, and even cleaners used to tell me stories of ghosts in RTM, either ghost in human form or human with evil inner elements. Of course the former interested me more.

Sometimes, they will sit by the fence near the foyer, waiving their hands, smiling at you when you are about to leave the TV station after a hectic night shift. Sometimes, they will lean on some alpine tree planted along the road next to rumah executive, under the yellowish moonlight.

Unfortunately, I haven seen one although I spent a lot of time writing, editing, proof reading my bakun documentary series and trying to make my deadline. But finally, on 28th of April, I found one ghost who can only tell lies. This ghost story started on one incident which happen on 27th April.

Instructed, Lied,and Denied

More than 10 thousand native of Sarawak from Sungai Asap resettlement area were expecting to continue watching a documentary series aired by TV2 under a Chinese program called galeri mandarin nasional. This documentary series with 10 episode all together had been on aired since Monday( 26th April) and Tuesday( 27th April) but mysteriously put to a stop by some evil forces which until today is not yet prevailed.

Wing Miku, a blogger of Bintulu, who is also a native affected relocation program carried out by Bakun Dam project during 1998 called RTM director general Datuk haji Ibrahim Yahya, almost immediately after that documentary was off the air at 12.20pm on Wednesday(28th April). The later picked up Wing’s phone and answered with a naïve tone: “ Tidak, kita tidak ban, memang hanya ada dua episode sahaja.”
When Wing said to this Datuk that he was informed by the TV producer( which is me) that there will be 10 episode on aired and why he decided to shelve the rest, Ibrahim Yahya just answered him “ Saya ada meeting” and then off his mobile phone.

We don’t know how long did the DG was having his meeting, but when Malaysiakini journalist called him to ask about the reason of the shelve of Bakun documentary, he seem to be, or may be pretend to be so involved in his never ending meeting and answered Malaysiakini briefly, this time, he totally denied that he was the one who gave instruction via his chief reporter Jumat Engson, to have Bakun documentary series off the aired until further notice.

The reader can go to my blog (mayashanti5282046 at or online media such as Malaysiakini and Merdekareview to understand the background of this Bakun Off The Air Inccident.

My very point is, if nobody in the entire RTM has been given out the instruction to ban Bakun Series from coming out, then, there must be ghost who had done it. This ghost seems to know the technical mechanism of RTM so well, that he/she managed to off the air the documentaries, either by making the online tapes disappearing or ordering technican to replace the 10 minutes documentary with other on air material without prior knowledge of instruction to substitute Bakun with other kind of scrap such as advertisement of kungfu movie IP Man.

YB Heng to Investigate Ghost Job

After this mysterious happening and protest by various stakeholders including natives of Sungai Asap, journalist group like CIJ, student organizations, NGOs etc, YB Heng decided to look into the matter and promised to investigate into this ghost done business.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of the ghost story.

After denied and confused answers were given by the RTM Ketua pengarah, instead of investigating the inner ghost who had instructed technican to off the air the Bakun documentaries, he “might have”had hired another ghost like Chinese officer to oversee the Galeri mandarin program. This ghost offcer was introduced to team members of Galeri Mandarin during a meeting on 29th April. Only his name and his role was introduced.

I dare not say DG “had hired” this guy to oversee Galeri mandarin because he may denied it, again. So we can assume some kind of ghost with higher rank had made the instruction to hire an ex minister secretary to carry out spy-liked dirty job, most importantly, by wasting taxpayer money to carry out jobs which has no benefit at all to the interest of public.

I suggested that YB Heng should investigate into this as well. That is, why immediate action from RTM top management to the off the air issue was not to find out who had given the stupid instruction to call off airing of the program, on the contrary, he/she had hired a spy to oversee Galeri mandarin production team? YB Heng should also find out how much some ghost in RTM had agreed to pay this spy a month? Or a day? To carry out dirty business which serve no public interest but only wasting our money and jeopardizing Sarawak natives voices to be heard?

If RTM have so much money to do these dirty and meaningless things, I would suggest them to spend the money to put some advertisement of apology on our mainstream newspaper as well as online news. They owe 10,000 natives in Sungai Asap and all TV2 audience an apology as well as a sane explanation on why the Bakun documentaries has been shelved and remain shelved until this very moment.

Self-censorships by RTM as well as other TV station and mainstream medias coming on the heels of the world press freedom day are totally unacceptable and unethical at all.

Its time for journalist and media owner to defend integrity of their work and speak up against political censorship. Ghost stories and dirty works will only jeopadizing PM’s promise for a “ Vibrant, Free and Informed Media.”


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  2. LONG SRING said


    • mayashanti5282046 said

      we will be having series of action in the whole month of May, need artist like you and frend to provide creative idea and action.

      come to join our meeting tomorow nite if possible. KL chinese assembly hall.

  3. Choo said

    It’s high time for a collective campaign action by media and NGO alike!

  4. cc said

    Will calling for public banning of RTM viewing be useful?

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