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Another Documentary Program Banned by RTM— Rawang Power Transmission Issue Become 2nd Victim of RTM Unethical Self Censorship

Posted by mayashanti5282046 于 五月 10, 2010

Chou Z Lam

A documentary series on issue revolve around the Rawang power transmission and residents of new village who refused to give way for the project, is off the air today by RTM without any explanation and notice from person incharge of the TV station.This documentary series is supposed to be on aired from Monday( 10th May) to Friday( 14th May) at 12.20pm, at TV2 channel.

The documentaries was done by Galeri Mandarin Nasional’s reporter Chin Hueyi and the producer is Tan Ean Nee, Chou Z Lam is co producer.This off the air incident
is the 2nd incident, after a 10 episodes of documentary series on Social impact of Bakun dam relocation program were forced to shelved under the instruction of RTM director general Dato Haji Ibrahim Yahya trough the advice of TV chief reporter Jumat Engsan.When asked by journalist and native of Bakun, the former denied he had given the off the air instruction and blamed the producer of Bakun documentary,Chou, for his refusal to reedit the documentary.

This incident which is believed to be self censorship, also come right after Deputy Minister of Information Heng Sai Kee had promised to Malaysiakini and other media, that she will make sure Galeri Mandarin Nasional will continue operating after the Bakun program off the air incident.I don’t want to distort what madam Heng was trying to promise, but the obvious implication is, her promise only further jeopardizing rights of the peoples to be heard, as well as peoples of wider community to know whats is exactly happenings in the country. I think Heng Sai Kee as well as the minister Dato Rais Yatim, owe all of us an explanation, why “ indepth investigation”, guarantee and promise by deputy minister will resulted in further deteriorate of press freedom in this rakyat owned TV and radio station.

Instead of reevaluating their self censorship and decreased credibility, after I disclosed the bakun documentary off the air incident, RTM management had chosen to increase their control over the authority and professionalism of 3 mandarin unit, i.e Galeri mandarin Nasional, the TV2 mandarin news unit and mandarin program by radio RTM. They had officially appointed an MCA member Yap, who has no experience with jouranalism to oversee program and news produced by this 3 units. Whoever has given the instruction to carry this survelience, I would say this act will only erode the credibility of RTM, jeoparding the rights of information of its audience and humiliate the pride of journalist, as well as insulting the profession of journalism.

Those in power in RTM seems doesn’t understand a single fact, that this broadcasting stations is not own by BN, but the peoples and the communinities.

I here by urge those who had humiliated the profession of journalism to resign their post in RTM and apology to RTM’s audience as well as those who had contributed their time and effort for the success of production of Rawang documentary and Bakun documentary series.

10.5.2010 12.27pm


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